Tips for Caring For Your New Car

Tips for Caring For Your New Car

Now that you have your very own car, it is essential that you know all of the basic things that you should do in order to take care of it. Driving safely is only half the challenge. The other half is making sure that your car will be in tip top shape for the next couple of years!

So, here are some of the most basic tips that you will have to keep in mind pretty much as long as you have a car. (more…)

Ten Facts About Chrysler

Cars are a necessity for many people – it would take us far longer to get where we wanted to go without one, that’s for sure!  For many people, they are also a lifeline, for others they are a luxury.  There are untold numbers of car manufacturers in the world but today we have chosen to focus on Chrysler.  We scouted around and found the top ten facts – fun ones – about the company:

Fact 1

The Chrysler Company was founded in 1925 by Walter Chrysler and the Company HQ is located in Michigan, Auburn Hills to be precise.

Fact 2

The very first Chrysler was a 6-cylinder car, one that was aimed at giving drivers a superb car at a cheaper price.

Fact 3

Most of the Chrysler share is owned by Fiat and is now one of the world’s largest car manufacturing businesses.

Fact 4

If you take out the cars that are made by Fiat, Chrysler are the 12th largest car manufacturer.

Fact 5

Chrysler Company rose from the ashes of the Maxwell Motor Company.

Fact 6

In 1928, Chrysler drew up plans to acquire Fargo Truck Company and Dodge Brothers Company. They now market vehicles under those two names.

Fact 7

In 1982, Plymouth and DeSoto were added to the Chrysler family.

Fact 8

In 1987, in a bid to add a further boost to credibility and sales figures, American Motors Company was drawn in. AMC were the parent company of Jeep at the time.

Fact 9

1998 saw the formation of DaimlerChrysler when the company merged with Daimler Benz AF. However, investor problems began to plague the company and just 9 years later, in 2007, Chrysler were bought out by Cerberus Capital Management and renamed to Chrysler LLC.

Fact 10

Fiat has put a lot of effort into buying up as many Chrysler shares as it can from other parties.  Right now, the brand name of Fiat covers a number of different companies including Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Mopar, Ram, SRT and Fiat (USA).

Have we whet your appetite, just a little? If we have, take a look at these cracking deals from Chrysler.

2014 Muscle: The Top Muscle Cars you should know About Right Now

Japan’s been known to make some very energy efficient sedans and sports cars, while as Europe has strived to make some smooth rides coupled with elegant design. American design, however, doesn’t subscribe to the same ideas. America likes power wrapped up in a titanic steel frame. Little wonder why the American muscle car is the thing to beat when people talk about iconic vehicles.

The Dodge Charger Super Bee
Dodge has always been known for their Dodge Ram series because they are powerful trucks. However, when it comes to muscle cars, the Charger’s always been known as a powerhouse. It’s got a V8 pushing around 470 horses making it massively fast. It’s also very stylish; boasting 20-inch rims with glorious black brake calipers. Right now though, the thing is priced at around $50,000 so it’s going to rip quite a chunk out of your bank account.

Chevrolet Camaro Z/28
Besides looking sexier than its Transformer counterpart, the Camaro Z/28 has got mad strength backing it up. The LS7 hand assembled engine peaks at around 505 horse power making it run at around 4800 RPM. However, the car hasn’t come out yet, so any speculation regarding price and release date are purely rumor. It shouldn’t take too long though because we’re nearing the tail end of the year.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500
The Mustang is an iconic car in American culture. It’s been in television series, movies, and the classic 1967 model is still regarded as one of the sexiest cars of all time. There hasn’t been a model that has matched up in terms of looks but the Shelby GT500 might buck that trend. This sleek, 2 door beast, boasts an engine that reaches up to 602 HP. That’s amazing considering how the new design is trying and succeeding at looking much sleeker.

There are many more cars coming out next year that you should be looking out for. However, this was dedicated to American muscle. But if you’re interested in cars around the world, then look up Japan and Germany. They’ve got some good things in store for car junkies.

A Thought from Nikola Tesla, Wireless Electricity for Electric Vehicles

Innovation is something that whole industries strive for. This might not be workable in all situations, and in some instances, a retro or anachronistic approach may be warranted. However, innovation for innovation’s sake is usually frowned upon, and there are some gems from the past which carry a lot of weight when properly used in a contemporary setting. In the same token there are are instances when flights of whimsy take people to past ideas which were advanced during their day.

One such idea is wireless electricity distribution. This was first proposed by Nikola Tesla. From this concept Tesla coils were born. Although it is not yet a feasible technology, the idea has captured the imagination of a lot of thinkers. In the automobile industry, this would solve the problem of electric transport vehicles. If a vehicle can recharge without any wires, then vehicles can ply the streets without being tethered to electricity. Drivers of electric cars would not need to worry about running out of charge.

The theory is sound, however, the real problem is extending the reach. Man-made wireless electricity can only reach a hundred feet at most. On another front, home-based robots may not need to use wireless electricity to charge. These robots can be outfitted with an electromagnetic sensor and navigate on its own to a wall socket. Inserting a plug into the wall outlet should be a relatively easy thing to manage.

Going back to wireless electricity, this can still be installed indoors. This could help create a market for indoor transport, instead of moving sidewalks, there can be people transporters or driverless cars inside large buildings like malls, convention centers, and airports. One use for this can be in utility machines. Even scissor lift rentals might become even more affordable. Of course, Equipment Base can provide quotes for equipment rentals.

One concern about electric vehicles which have lately been proven wrong is that of power. Power and range. There is a relationship between power and range. More power means heavier vehicle. Range is achieved with either a lighter vehicle or more batteries. One alternative being mulled over is the use of capacitors as short term batteries. This can be used by city buses with charging stations at every stop.

Wireless electricity, if ever it will come true can open endless potentials for the automotive industry.

Tips on Keeping your car Insurance Premiums Low

If your car insurance premiums keep on rising, no matter how careful a driver you are, it’s time to take a look at how you can reduce them without reducing your cover.  The following tips will knock something off your insurance:

    1. Haggle

If your renewal notice is higher than your current premium, ring up the insurer and haggle over the cost. If they won’t reduce it, see about getting a few extras added in

    1. Cancel Automatic Renewal

Shop around for a new quote.  Get on the phone and on the internet and see if you can better your current price

    1. Insure For More

Go for the fully comprehensive cover – it can actually cost you less. Those who go for third party only trigger off a feeling amongst insurers that they don’t care about their car and, as such, the premiums go up.

    1. Secure Your Car

Does it have an alarm system on it? Is it kept in a garage or at least parked in your driveway, off the road? These can trigger significant savings on your premium.  If you tell your insurance company that you garage your car at night then make sure you do so or questions may be asked if a claim is made.

If you lose the keys to your garage door ad can’t get the car in, don’t panic. Call on a locksmiths for help. If you need a locksmith in Bromley these guys have good reviews.

    1. Only Insure the Miles you Drive

If you only drive 5000 miles a year, tell your insurance company that. Don’t pay for double that if you aren’t doing it. Higher mileage can increase premiums by quite a bit.

    1. Protect Your No Claims Bonus

If you have been driving for several years and have a high no claims bonus, consider protecting it. It doesn’t cost much and keeping it up can save you up to 75% with some insurance companies.

Be careful not to break the law either as motoring offences will put your premiums up. Depending on what the offence is, some companies may actually refuse to insure you afterwards so drive safe and drive within the law.


How to Start Up Your Own Auto Insurance Company

Hey, guys. With the number of vehicles on the road increasing by the year, one of the best businesses to get into is going to be auto insurance.  It’s a good way of building up some residual income as the payments – either monthly, quarterly or yearly – generate commissions for both the agency and the insurance agents.  Today, we are going to tell you how you can open your own independent auto insurance company:

  • Get an Office

You can’t really run a business of this nature from your home so take a look at this useful website listing office space, NYC. You can lease or buy, whatever suits your personal situation.

  • Business Entity Checklist

Get in touch with your State Insurance Commissioner’s Office – you need to get a checklist for a resident business entity or, if your business is outside of your current home State, a non-residents checklist.

  • Legal Status

What status will your company be?  Have a look on the checklist you obtained and see if LLC is the preferred status in your particular State. LLC stands for Limited Liability Company and is the best one to have as it reduces your liabilities to the business.

  • Errors and Omissions Insurance

You need at least $500,000 of insurance although it must not exceed $5 million.  Depending on your State, the required minimum may be raised, dependent on the number of agents or brokers offering the service.

  • Make the LLC into an Insurance Agency

You will need to complete State forms for this and these include a Certificate of Coverage for LLC’s, a resident or non-resident business entity application and the appointment of a licensed producer.

  • Pay Your Fees

Each State has its own fees and these depend on the type of insurance you are going into – in your case, auto.

Helpful Tips

If you are planning to open your own auto insurance office, be aware that you have to be over 18 and you must not have a criminal record of ANY kind.  .

You must make sure that you have a valid license for practicing in any State – to get that license you will need to attend a certain number of classroom instruction lessons, pass a state administered exam and have a clean crime record.

How to Get a Fair Share for Your Car Accident Claim

While driving down the highway or to your routine work site, a car accident can take place anytime even if it is not your fault. These times require mental preparation and a level of alertness that does not bring you in a vulnerable situation. Often times the other party, or their insurance company tries to trick victims into signing papers in a rush that lead to an exemption of claims bringing down a huge unexpected blow of loss. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you want to get a fair share for your car accident claim. 

Take Down Complete Details
The first thing that you must do, even in a situation of panic, is to get down and retrieve the driver's license number, insurance company details and call the police on site. By doing so, you are in a better position to deal with the opposite party in the long run. If there is a need of medical assistance for any minor or major injuries, keep in touch with your doctor and take all medical reports and details to prove the authenticity of the accident and its severity. 

Click Pictures of the Accident Scene
Although the police takes down pictures and complete details of the accident scene while investigating, do not forget to click a few snaps to keep your memory clean and fresh for any trials and claims. These pictures serve a great purpose for future hearings and compensation of accident claims as these are the evidence against any twisted facts and figures that the opposing party or its car insurance company would try to make. 

Take Down Information of Witnesses
Do not let any witnesses walk away without taking down their contact information and addresses. In cases like these, where a car or it's driver has gone through some major amount of loss, there is always a need of witnesses to make a strong case and fight for the right amount of compensation. If you think that you lack the information and knowledge to get your deserving car accident claim, then for Vancouver residents, Watson Goepel offers the services of a Vancouver car accident lawyer who is able to take down the case smartly and fight for all deserving rights and claims.

Tips in Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents may happen to anyone. Being involved in such a situation can be very traumatic. If you are lucky enough to survive a major car crash, you will still be faced with lots of other problems. To begin with, you might have to go through surgeries or other forms of medical recovery. You also need to pay for the car damage. This is true especially if you don’t have comprehensive car insurance.

If you feel like the said incident occurred not because of your recklessness, then you might have to fight for your right. The driver of the other vehicle involved must pay for what has happened. If the accident was caused by a road problem that the government has not fixed, then you can also run for government support for all the damages caused. This is a huge fight. Thus, you need help from a car accident lawyers. These people are knowledgeable in handling car accidents related cases. This article will give you some tips on how you can land with a good lawyer.

1. Check their number of years in service. This will tell a lot about their expertise in handling car accident cases. If they have been in the industry for a long time and they are still being trusted to handle cases, then it means you have a good shot at winning when you hire them.

2. Find out their win-loss records. You need to know how many cases they have handled and how many of them were won. It will be a lot easier for you to determine whether or not they can win your case if you can check their records.

3. Call them. Make sure that you speak with them about the situation and ask for their thoughts. If you feel confident with how they answer your questions, then you are most likely partnering with the right lawyer. If you feel uneasy, then don’t go for it.

4. Check their rates. Yes, you want to get money for all the damages that took place, but you don’t want the money to be used in repaying the lawyer. Therefore, you need someone who is affordable enough.

If these are the qualities that you are looking for, then check out Toronto car accident lawyers in this site for more information.

How to Set Up Your Own Car Dealership

I’ve spent more than half my life around cars. My friends love cars and we’ve all gone down and dirty to clean up radiators or do an oil change.
There’s nothing like tinkering with a classic car and customizing everything so that you’ll end up having a sweet ride at the end of the year. It surely made all the girls swoon, and we were able to date all the pretty girls who used to just go out with jocks. That was high school and I had spent more years under a car than I did studying. A lot of people who knew me said I would not be able to get very far being a grease monkey.

A decade later I had proved them wrong. I worked at an auto shop by day but studied business at night. I had dreams that did not require getting myself oily and dirty, but I would not hesitate to do that in order to assist my clients. I have always wanted to have my own car dealership with a small repair shop at the side. This way, clients who buy cars from me will also come back for service and parts. This way I will not lose any customers. The tendency is that they will come to me for any and all their car needs.

It sounded like a good plan and I was ready to forge ahead with it. I had secured a loan from the bank to start the business. A dealership is like any other business. With orders, sales, payrolls and inventory, there are a lot of things that need to be done in running a business. The owner or sole proprietor usually has to secure a dealership agreement with the car company. After which he has to find a suitable place or office. The proper local government permits and taxes have to be secured. Before the dealership can even start, the proper people have to be hired and trained. The dealership also has to order and take delivery of the initial inventory of cars.

I did not have my own monster equipment to haul the cars to the site so I just decided to rent that as well as other equipment. There are so many choices at Forklift Rentals USA and that most of them are priced affordably. An accountant friend had also told me that the cost of this telescopic forklift rental can even be counted as operational expense and could be used to lessen the taxes that I will have to pay at the end of the year.

With the car dealership open, I also shed off my greasy overalls. It was a pleasant surprise for most people who used to see me as nothing but a car mechanic. Now, they are asking for deals on used cars, trade ins, or inquiring about the latest models of SUVs from me. Hard work and perseverance has surely paid off.

Car Problems while traveling? – Tires Plus Coupons: Don’t Leave Home Without Them

All over the world, there are more than 750 million cars on the road, and the number of people who drive number more than 1 billion. In order to run efficiently, these 750 million vehicles need regular maintenance.

It’s every driver’s nightmare: blowing out a tire or getting engine trouble while driving somewhere unfamiliar and far from your usual car service stations. It leaves you stuck in territory you don’t know, and you have no idea where the nearest reliable service center for your car is located. Ever been here? The good news is, going forward, as long as you take the time to have some simple coupons ready at hand, it can mean you’ll never have to worry about looking for the nearest, affordable car service station ever again.

Why You Should Use Tires Plus Coupons
If you want to be able to get the best performance from your car, as well as maximize its lifespan and receive the best mileage for your fuel, you need to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. A lot of car owners seem to think that ignoring a small problem (such as the “check engine” light going on, or the filters getting dirty) is something that can be ignored as long as the car is still running, but eventually, whether your driving an eco-friendly Toyota Prius or on of the rugged Jeep brutes here, these small problems can lead to bigger problems, which means bigger headaches and bigger expenses when it comes to getting them fixed. What’s more, many car owners don’t get their cars fixed as soon as possible because they find it bothersome to get one aspect of their car (lights, for example) fixed in one shop, then having to go to another shop to get their wiring checked out.

With these promotional coupons, you can get all your car service and maintenance needs checked out in one location! The coupons are accepted in more than 20 states across the United States, and in more than 1000 stores!

What do Tires Plus Coupons deliver?
You can choose from a wide range of services when you present your coupon. You can choose to purchase new tires, get your brakes checked, get a tune-up for your engine, or get your car’s wheels aligned. All these services fall under Tire Plus services, and are honored with all their coupons.

How to use your Tires Plus Coupons
Using your Tire Plus coupons is quick and easy. First, download and print the Tires Plus Coupons here. Next, simply present your coupon at any participating service center, and the staff will honor any services included. You no longer need to bother with shady mechanics or questionable service centers when you’re in unfamiliar territory. At Tires Plus, a trusted automotive care provider, you can be assured of speedy, efficient, and professional service.

Other Advantages of Using Tires Plus Coupons
Aside from professional and speedy service, there are two more great advantages to using these coupons. First, you don’t need to look for multiple coupons to handle all your car maintenance needs. These coupons cover all the services that your vehicle can need, from your engine, to your wheels, to your brakes. Second, using these coupons will allow you to receive huge discounts, depending on the service that you need, as well as the vehicle that you have.

When Is Car Insurance Not Necessary?

The answer is simple: never. When owning and using a car, insurance coverage is always necessary. However, there are certain coverage that could be optional. You can actually lower your insurance costs by evaluating your insurance plan and asking your insurer if it could be possible to do modifications on your plan to be able to pay lower premiums.

Investopedia lists a number of insurance policies most consumers don’t really need. Go over them and be acquainted with these plans especially if you are still searching for a good policy to buy.

1. Automobile Collision Insurance – This insurance is intended to pay for the cost of repairs on a vehicle involved in an accident. If you are using an old car and have enough money in the bank you can use for the purchase of a new car, automobile collision insurance is most likely no longer needed.

2. Rental Car Insurance – This type of insurance is designed to cover the expenses incurred in renting a temporary replacement vehicle while the insured vehicle is being repaired. Its intention is definitely not a bad idea but it’s not an essential policy to have so you can just skip it especially if you want to reduce your car insurance premiums. Many insurance plans already already include this in their respective car insurance packages.

3. Car Rental Damage Insurance - This goes hand in hand with the rental car insurance. Its purpose is to cover possible damages on a rented vehicle while an insured car is still undergoing repairs. In many cases, this is already included in the basic policies offered by insurance companies so paying for it again is only a waste of money.

There are also car insurance add-ins or additional coverage options that you may no longer be needing. Try asking your insurer if you can opt out of them. These non-essential add-ins include the following:

Personal Injury Protection - if you already have a personal health insurance policy, adding personal injury protection is no longer necessary.

Emergency Assistance - This is a relatively inexpensive add-in but you can still extract some savings from it. Many companies already provide this along with their basic coverage.

Accidental Death Insurance - This is another unlikely-to-be-urgent concern for most people and something not legally required. As such, it shouldn't be a problem not having it.

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